Casey Soner embarassing factory riders



The starting of the MotoGP testing 2016 saw a big surprise as the most-naturally talented MotoGP rider, Casey Stoner got on the Ducati GP16 bike but this time as a test rider which was of course the most shocking thing as the rider who can easily rattle Rossi,Marquez and Lorenzo is testing bikes for Ducati ? Yes but sadly it’s the truth and we all have to deal with it as Stoner made up his mind in 2012 to go to fishing instead of going racing as different people have not so usual opinions(sometimes weird) about a lot of things.

All this makes Casey Stoner the fastest Engineer in the world as he cannot race the bike but he can test it and give his feedback which will be always weird because he’ll always faster than the regular riders.

Everyone in the paddock must be laughing at the Ducati Factory team because even if we digest the fact that he’s a test rider which is hard to believe but what we cannot digest is that the lap times of Stoner around the Sepang Track during the Testing as they were faster than both the Ducati Factory riders(yes…you heard it right) which makes us think that why Stoner is not coming as a regular rider as he’s clearly shown that the bike has a lot of potential which is way more than what Andrea Dovizioso and Andrea Iannone are able to extract from the GP16.

Stoner in 2007

A situation like this is like having a $4000 guitar with strings of a $400 guitar as it won’t play up to to the best level without them and that’s the situation which is being faced by Ducati as Stoner is a serious competitor on that bike given that he didn’t race for 3 long years and he has not tested any bike for the last 1 year, still he was able to go faster than the riders who were competing with the best last year and on some occasions they were able to be as fast as the best riders on that Ducati GP15.

All this brings us to only one Conclusion that Stoner can challenge the top riders if he comes as a regular rider in 2016 but in the mean time we can only ask that “Casey! Why you are not coming to racing instead of testing”


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