Mclaren-Honda Improves after their worst Nightmare last year

Jenson Button Watching Raikkonen in his mirrors

The 2015 Formula one Season saw the Silver Arrows walking away with the Drivers and the Constructors championship Single-handedly  as their W06 was by far the most dominant car on the grid as it was fastest everywhere, be it in the straight line or around the high speed corners and all the credit goes to Mercedes for producing that Turbo Engine that produced around 850 Hp and from what ?  a mere 1.6 L V6 engine which is quite an achievement as it showed everyone how it’s done by collecting 16 Wins,32 Podiums and 18 Pole positions in 2015 and most of the times Hamilton and Rosberg were 20+ seconds clear of the next best driver which was Sebastian Vettel for majority of the season.

Hamilton in the Ever Dominant WO6

But as the Mercedes had their best Season in their Entire racing history producing the most dominant car, on the other hand Mclaren had their worst Season in their Illustrious F1 history by having the most back-to-back retirements and by watching the entire field sweep away as they were at the back of the field most of the time as their car, the Mclaren Mp4-30 was not even able to finish the complete race distance 80% of the time due to which it was being compared to a GP2 car by Fernando Alonso (

Button During 2015 testing

This made a lot of people wonder that Fernando Alonso made the biggest mistake of his life by going to Mclaren at a point where Ferrari were about to Improve and yet they improved Significantly as he didn’t even score 10 points which was a shame because he couldn’t do anything more than that as the car which he had was 200+ bhp down on power as compared to the competition and sometimes even more but after all this when 2015 ended and as of now we are having Pre-season testing, it is evident that Mclaren and Honda has worked really really hard over the Winter to convert that GP2 car into an F1 car as Jenson Button completed over 80 laps on day one and even more on the other days which is Impressive as last year at this point they managed a mere 7 laps which was Horrifying for all the Mclaren fans as well as for F1 fans in general but looking at the current times, it looks that now they can atleast do something and We’re not expecting them to win instantly as it’ll be a mere Exaggeration but we can predict some points and some podiums considering that they have the Best driver of this generation and the Most-Experienced driver Line-up of the entire F1 field.

Fernando Alonso in the Mp4-30

All this makes adds up to an Impressive recovery as the Team which was always at the back of the time sheets last year had the 5th best time in testing and that too with a lot of laps on their Engines which will prove to be the main factor in deciding the reliability of that Engine but as far as the pre-season testing has been passed, it looks that it is quite reliable considering the fact that it covered a lot of consecutive laps but as again if they are not able to recover points this year, it’ll be a massive blow for their Future prospects as this car featured a lot of  new innovative engine-packing which is why this car is referred as the Size-zero Fomula one car due to it’s tight engine packing and smaller turbo, all of which makes the car lighter and in turn faster.

Sounds complicated ? coz to me it did as I was wondering that who puts a smaller turbo in a car that was lacking power the whole time and knowing the fact that the turbo would give it a big boost in terms of Performance but as Honda is known for its racing DNA as they are so successful in MotoGP and in other racing categories, we beleive that they’ll surely find a way to fix all these issues.

This leads to the conclusion of this test and We have one big question that Is all this enough ? and are they really up for the upcoming 2016 season ?
Well we’ll have to wait till the Second pre-season test to find out the second part of the story.
Share your thoughts and Opinions.
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