Mercedes Sandbagging as always

28735This year’s Pre-season testing has seen a lot of new faces and a lot of interesting things like the Haas F1 team, The Renault team and may more but the primary concern at the moment is the Performance of these teams in testing, in short the 4 days of Free-practice(yes it is ) and what a lot of people have learned is that now it’s not about showing and flaunting their Strengths, it’s about hiding what you have and then giving your opponents a mental blow by showing your true Strengths when the right time comes.
This kind of Clever thinking is being approached by the Silver-Arrows(Mercedes-Benz) at the moment and the Prancing horses(Ferrari) are somewhat copying them which leaves 2 questions marks for them and they are that

  • What are your true times ?
  • Why are you guys Sandbagging ?

So after all this Hide-n-seek game, the main concern is about the “Big elephant in the house” and that’s Mercedes Dominance that has been there over the past 2 years and given the fact that it’s so huge that no matter what other teams did, they were not able to get within striking distances to attack and sometimes the next best teams were 20+ seconds behind the Silver Arrows.
Sounds Impressive ? yes it is Indeed but it is more boring than Impressive and when Impressive<Boring, it means that things need to change which Implies that Someone needs to challenge The Silver-Arrows and at the Moment it’s hard to Judge coz no one knows who’s the fastest as the Pre-season testing has been like a Roller-Coaster ride where we get something new and shocking on every level.
Speaking about this 4-day Roller coaster ride, we saw

  • Mclaren getting some crucial laps on their Size-Zero F1 car (they call it that ) a.k.a Mp4-31
  • Haas F1 team getting more than 200 laps done which was way Impressive than what we thought as it were their first 4 days as an F1 team
  • Nico Hulkenberg(yes…..don’t confuse him with Nico Rosberg) Topping the Time-sheets on Day-3 with the tie which was way faster than anyone else
  • Sebastian Vettel posting the Quickest times of the Entire Pre-season testing

All this shows a bag full of surprises as one hand Force India is so Quick, on the other hand Ferrari’s are so quick and everyone is Impressing by their performances but where the hell is Mercedes in all this Drama ? Are they slow ? or are they hiding something in their bags.The other one seems more beleivable as we all know that they’re not gonna be slow by any means but what we don’t know is that How quick they’ll be as compared to others ?
Well we’ll get some of our answers tommorow as the second test will start.
Till then all we can do is pray to God for making the Mercedes-Benz slower and Mclaren-Honda faster(It’ll be interesting).
Share your thoughts and Opinions.
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